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Lean Supply Chain

Lean vs Agile Supply Chains – Part 1

Photo Credits ( In this two-part article, we explore lean supply chains, agile supply chains and then consider the potential of using lean and agile in combination, a hybrid solution to get the maximum benefit. Lean supply chains In a lean approach, anything in the process that doesn’t add value for customers is eliminated. Lean […]

Published 16th May 2018

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b2b b2c

What can B2B e-commerce learn from developments in B2C?

Retail stores can no longer survive without providing a full-service to their customers. They need to be on their customers’ preferred channel either online via a browser or on mobile devices in order to thrive, or even survive. They also need to keep brick-and-mortar stores. The in-store touch-and-feel experience is still desired but customers now […]

Published 4th May 2018

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How is the growth of e-commerce affecting supply chains?

Photo credit: ( The rise of e-commerce and the digital revolution have shifted the balance of power in the relationship between retailers and consumers. E-commerce facilities now allow businesses to sell directly to their target market. Today’s consumers can influence the way retailers and other online businesses operate to meet their needs and wants, via […]

Published 20th April 2018

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Board Room

Benchmarking your Supply Chain

Operations within your supply chain should be reviewed and revised constantly, to ensure you are making the necessary improvements to achieve your end goals, whatever they may be.

Published 16th April 2018

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Intralogistics: saving energy and flying helpers

There’s such a lot of talk about automation and digitization within the supply chain and the technology behind it. You can read all about the trends: the Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0 online. Dramatic changes are afoot to make processes more efficient in the “smart factory”, but all applications require […]

Published 26th March 2018

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Infralogistics - what you need to know

Intralogistics – what you need to know

If logistics is defined as moving things efficiently from point A to point B, then intralogistics is a similar but much-expanded concept.  It involves, within a distribution centre or warehouse, optimizing and managing the logistical flow of information along with physical materials management. 

Published 13th March 2018

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Supply Chain Consulting

Outsourcing Freight Transport – is it a good idea?

Outsourcing means engaging with an external third-party, usually a specialist logistics service provider (3PL), to perform specific activities that, for whatever reason, you choose not to undertake yourself.   There are many benefits, but there are also real risks.

Published 19th February 2018

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Extreme weather events and your supplier risk.

In October 2017 we were warned that Hurricane Ophelia would wreak havoc on the British Isles. Eventually, it was downgraded as it approached the UK but it did bring very strong winds and created heavy seas.

Published 15th January 2018

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