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Infralogistics - what you need to know

Intralogistics – what you need to know

If logistics is defined as moving things efficiently from point A to point B, then intralogistics is a similar but much-expanded concept.  It involves, within a distribution centre or warehouse, optimizing and managing the logistical flow of information along with physical materials management. 

Published 13th March 2018

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Can outsourced distribution services work for you?

The first step in deciding whether to insource or outsource warehousing and distribution is to define your exact operational goals after doing an in-depth analysis of your own particular current situation. 

Published 27th February 2018

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Supply Chain Consulting

Outsourcing Freight Transport – is it a good idea?

Outsourcing means engaging with an external third-party, usually a specialist logistics service provider (3PL), to perform specific activities that, for whatever reason, you choose not to undertake yourself.   There are many benefits, but there are also real risks.

Published 19th February 2018

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Extreme weather events and your supplier risk.

In October 2017 we were warned that Hurricane Ophelia would wreak havoc on the British Isles. Eventually, it was downgraded as it approached the UK but it did bring very strong winds and created heavy seas.

Published 15th January 2018

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Let it snow – but not on my supply chain

In the period following Christmas, the weather in Europe is often unpredictable; icy winds from the North East swirl in causing a rapid drop in temperature. And then it snows.

Published 8th January 2018

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A sign that says "Heat Wave Ahead."

Heatwaves Are a Supply Chain Risk

The UK doesn’t really experience any violent weather conditions when compared with other countries that have to deal with raging bushfires, hurricanes and drought. But it gets hot here sometimes, and we are usually unprepared.

Published 14th December 2017

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Open vs closed book logistics contracts – which is best?

A current trend in the contracting of outsourced logistics services is towards more transparency in supplier pricing.  Buying organizations want to know that they are getting value for money, that the provider of 3PL services is not making excess profits at their expense.

Published 5th December 2017

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How Effective Are Your 3pl Tender Documents?

Do you know what you are asking for and is it articulated clearly?   Companies that can do this well can offer an attractive proposition to potential bidders and therefore get the best results.

Published 30th November 2017

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4 Keys to Achieving Success with Your Outsourced Logistics

The practice of outsourcing of logistics services to a third party logistics provider (3PL) is now becoming the norm.  The benefits are many, and are well documented

Published 10th November 2017

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Warehouse Layout Design

4 Steps to Successful Warehouse Design

How do you know what is the best design and layout for your warehouse? Among all the variations available, only some of them will have practical application for your business.

Published 20th October 2017

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