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Go Supply Chain Promote Supply Chain Development Consultant

Go Supply Chain Consulting (GSC) are pleased to announce the promotion of their Supply Chain Development Consultant, Marta Biela  to Operations Manager. Promoted within just fifteen months at the company, this achievement is reflective of Marta’s continual hard-work and dedication applied throughout all projects she manages; of which her consulting experience includes logistics network strategy projects […]

Published 20th July 2018

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Cybersecurity 101 – What is the Biggest Risk in the Supply Chain?

(Photo Credit: High-profile companies are increasingly being devastated by cyber-attacks that cause financial losses and that damage their brand reputation. Organisations are struggling to protect the confidentiality, availability and integrity of data. Information security has become more complex due to innovations involving big data storage, predictive analytics, and the use of cloud-based solutions. Electronic tools […]

Published 25th June 2018

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How Socially Responsible is Your Supply Chain?

Image: How socially responsible is your supply chain? There is mounting external pressure from customers, investors and shareholders for companies to focus on reducing their energy consumption, eliminating toxic chemicals from products and recycling waste. Sustainability policies are being drawn up, implemented and even published by leading organizations to demonstrate their commitment to […]

Published 15th June 2018

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Lean and Agile Supply Chains – Part 2

In this second article, we explore agile supply chains and then consider the potential of using lean and agile in combination, a hybrid solution.   Lean supply chains Lean supply chain management is essentially about lowering the cost base and reducing waste as much as possible. Read more about this in Part 1.   Lean […]

Published 12th June 2018

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Freight Lorries on a Road

What is a Transport Management System?

A transportation management system (or TMS) is a one-stop piece of software through which you can easily plan, organise and assess each stage of your transport distribution cycle. A TMS will help you to efficiently and economically execute deliveries across the supply chain. The software involved will enable you to plan, organise and assess where each stage of the transport […]

Published 30th May 2018

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Lean Supply Chain

Lean vs Agile Supply Chains – Part 1

Photo Credits ( In this two-part article, we explore lean supply chains, agile supply chains and then consider the potential of using lean and agile in combination, a hybrid solution to get the maximum benefit. Lean supply chains In a lean approach, anything in the process that doesn’t add value for customers is eliminated. Lean […]

Published 16th May 2018

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E-commerce supply chain challenges – who is pulling the strings?

Demanding and techno-savvy customers are effectively re-shaping supply chains in the e-commerce world. Customers expect to receive their order within a day or two whether it’s food, fashion or new bed linen. They can choose not only what to buy, but who to buy it from. E-commerce is becoming so competitive that companies with inefficient supply chains can expect to lose business.

Published 30th April 2018

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How is the growth of e-commerce affecting supply chains?

Photo credit: ( The rise of e-commerce and the digital revolution have shifted the balance of power in the relationship between retailers and consumers. E-commerce facilities now allow businesses to sell directly to their target market. Today’s consumers can influence the way retailers and other online businesses operate to meet their needs and wants, via […]

Published 20th April 2018

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