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The Logistics of Santa Claus

How does Santa do it all? It got us thinking, and in the festive spirit we have put together an infographic looking at the logistics of Santa Claus. Christmas is the busiest period of the year for most companies – Santa is no exception. Supply Chains can be affected by the sudden peak in demand across their products during the festive period. The decisions that we make within our supply chains during this time are key to a successful supply chain.

We looked at the logistics of Santa Claus and his international supply chain.

The Logistics of Santa Claus

We all know Santa is busy at Chritsmas, but from a logistics point of view, just how busy exactly?

In order to deliver all the presents by air, a fleet of 3000 Antonov AN-225 Aircrafts would be needed. 


Santa delivers by air. They would need a plane bigger than Santa's Warehouse then.... 

It would take the world's largest cargo ship, the MSC Oscar, 89 trips to do


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