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Clients have commented on our ability to combine deep technical and analytical expertise with substantial operational experience. This combination of intellectual rigour and practicality brings about robust, evidence based recommendations that are actionable in the real world. We are professional logistics consultants.

Below we have included a table indicating the breadth of projects for which our directors have been responsible:

Project Type Logistics / supply chain strategy Warehouse design / improvement Transport design / improvement 3PL tendering / contract review Inventory optimisation
Number of projects 20+ 15+ 10+ 10+ 5+
Example projects Network strategy review – number, location and function of facilities – multiple projects

Location study for new DC

Cost to serve modelling and analysis

Design and implementation of DC including automated storage and picking

Design and implementation of new NDC for High Street retailer

Storage options modelling (FMCG)

Procurement of automation equipment and implementation support

Implementation of fuel management system

Routing and scheduling review

Design and implementation of KPI system

Review of backhaul opportunities

Delivery frequency / timing / vehicle type modelling

Outsourcing of warehouse and transport

Tendering of major road transport contract

Independent review of 3PL tender process

Benchmarking and renegotiation of 3PL contract

Modelling support to 3PL in tender process

International freight tender (all modes)

Range profitability review

Minimisation of inventory cube to avoid additional warehousing

Review of inventory levels, processes and parameters

Product routing analysis – stocked vs. Stockless, number of stocking points etc based on end to end supply chain costing

Example sectors Supermarkets, Discount retailers, Fashion retailers, Fashion suppliers, FMCG, Dairy, Medical supplies, Oil & Gas, 3PL, Packaging suppliers, Brewing, Beverages, Media, Automotive, Chemicals / Industrial
Example benefits Year-on-year reduction in logistics cost per case for 5+ years

£50m+ capital cost avoidance over 5 years

5-10% reduction in overall logistics budget

Re-assignment of obsolete facilities, mitigating onerous lease / loss-on-disposal liabilities

Optimisation of automation design, minimising bottlenecks

c. 30% cubic utilisation increase

20% improvement in pick rate

15-20% improvement in DC throughput / ft2

Negotiated c.30% reduction in equipment prices vs. original quote

6% reduction in fuel costs

Reduction in vehicle down time and hire costs

Significant reduction in agency and sub-contractor costs

Increased deliveries per vehicle day, improving productivity and reducing cost to serve

10-15% reduction in overall logistics budget

Contract awarded to 3PL and successfully implemented

8% reduction in 3PL costs (mid contract)

c. £1m p.a. savings in transport costs

5-10% reduction in international freight costs

c. 20% reduction in inventory cube

c. 10% reduction in inventory value within service level target

Identification of unprofitable SKUs and associated inventory

£30m+ reduction in inventory value

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