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Supply chain challenges within charities

Celebrating Supply Chain Successes

Charities are big business but, unlike corporations, they face inconsistent funding flows and budget constraints. They also deal with erratic supply chains, outdated systems and constantly changing economic and political conditions. Charities are part of the “third sector”, that part of an economy that includes non-profit-making organisations which also include voluntary and community groups and cooperatives. Not all are as flush as the well-known global charities, about 85% of UK-based charities are classified as ‘small’ or ‘micro’, with an annual income of less than £500,000 a year. Whatever their size, they try to maximise the % of their income used for distribution of aid in in development projects. Non-profits have an opportunity to collate, organise, and analyse information on programs and beneficiaries through the use of new technologies such as cloud-based storage, artificial intelligence and mobile in their supply chains.

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