Warehouse Consultancy

Warehouse Consultants

Warehouses remain a key element of most distribution networks, nowadays often performing a range of roles well beyond simply storing and handling pallets of goods. In recent years the growth of online sales and the expansion of many companies into foreign markets have brought new challenges to warehouse operations. For example increased level single item picking, greater involvement in ‘value adding’ tasks such as configuration and customisation, and more returns handling.

Go Supply Chain’s warehouse consultants apply well-established methods to design warehouse solutions and to increase capacity and productivity within existing operations. We bring experience of a large number of warehouse design and warehouse improvement projects. Our warehouse consultants have undertaken warehouse consultancy projects in most industry sectors, with clients such as supermarkets, consumer goods and industrial manufacturers, automotive parts suppliers and third-party logistics companies.

Warehouse Consultant's Design

As with all our logistics consultancy projects, we take an evidence-based approach, analysing data from your systems and observing existing operations to gain a clear picture of your company’s specific requirements and constraints. We work closely with your team to ensure that the options considered and the rationale behind our recommendations are well understood.

We are entirely independent of all suppliers of systems and equipment, so we can give an unbiased view. On the other hand, we are well connected in the industry so we can point clients in the right direction of potential suppliers, or run competitive tenders on our clients’ behalf.

Our warehouse design consultants expertise extends to the specification of storage and handling equipment, the design of operational methods and processes.

We are able to provide benchmark productivity rates for warehouse activities and advise on the design and adoption of performance measurement regimes.

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