Warehouse Consultancy

Warehouse Improvement

Go Supply Chain Consulting can help you to optimise your warehouse operations. What this means can vary according to your situation at the time. For instance:

You may be experiencing low productivity, or wondering how your productivity compares to your competitors and whether it can be improved

  • Perhaps customer complaints are rising due to poor picking accuracy and/or poor stock accuracy
  • Changes have taken place in the business and you are wondering whether the warehouse can be reconfigured to accommodate the new requirements

We audit your operations against best practice and highlight areas for improvement. We then work with your team to develop an action plan. Actions are classified by size of benefit and ease of implementation, for example:

Distribution Centre Improvement

Implementation of quick wins can provide funds for those changes requiring investments in equipment and/or systems.

Our directors are experienced logistics consultants who have worked closely with clients in a range of sectors and countries to improve or expand their warehouse and distribution centre operations, providing capacity and productivity solutions in fast-changing business environments.

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Distribution Centre Improvement Considerations

  • How can we improve productivity in the warehouse?
  • How can we improve accuracy of stock and picking?
  • Can we reduce damages?
  • What is the true capacity of the warehouse?
  • Can we increase the throughput or storage capacity of the warehouse?
  • What storage media should we use for each product?
  • What’s the best layout of areas and equipment?
  • How do we allocate products to warehouse locations (‘slotting’)?
  • Should we introduce mechanisation / automation for some activities?
  • Can we do all this with our existing system or do we need a new WMS?
  • How do we specify and select a new WMS?

Potential Risks

  • Nil picks and mis-picks lead to poor customer service
  • Uncompetitive cost base due to poor productivity or under-utilised facilities
  • Cannot meet demand due to throughput constraints
  • Unnecessary capital expenditure
  • Stock loss and damage